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Whether you want to come to one of my existing classes, find a few friends and come to me as a small group or see me on a one basis I can show you how Yoga can improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

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My philosophy on Yoga as in life is work hard gets results, play hard have fun!

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“Mandy is an amazing teacher, she encourages and corrects each and every student throughout the class in a way that does not single anyone out. I remember that when I joined the class I thought that I would never be able to get into a challenging pose, however, Mandy's hard work payed off. I wasn't able to get into a "wheel" pose since I was 12 (a very long time ago!) and then during a regular class I realised I was up there and was able to hold the pose comfortably! I am very happy that I met Mandy, she is my favourite teacher and she changed me through teaching of yoga. Thank you!!! Namaste 🙏🏻”


Milton Keynes

“I have been lucky enough to have been guided through my yoga practice by Mandy for the last few months. I'm a relative beginner and her calm, supportive, and encouraging manner are just what I need. Her classes always leave you with a warm glow inside and out! ”

Julie B

Milton Keynes

“Dear Mandy Thank you so much for your inspirational teaching during our Ischia retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and felt an amazing sense of achievement being able, with your guidance and encouragement to get into some new poses. Thank you again - you're the best yoga teacher ever. ”


Milton Keynes

“Hi Mandy You did a brilliant job facilitating & teaching the Yoga Retreat-- I wouldn't have known it was your first one. I liked starting with sitting & the Anusara prayer -- a good way to anchor each class. The poems you read out were inspiring. In fact, your structuring was perfect -- a more vigorous class in the morning working towards a challenging posture and then variety in the afternoon-- I personally really like partner work -- people get to know each other & learn in a different way. Great to finish with a Yoga Nidra -- though I prefer the more traditional one that rotates the consciousness around the body in a specific way, starting with the right hand thumb -- that order does something to the brain that works for me. I felt very comfortable with your directions & confidence in teaching -- nothing you did made me nervous -- you knew what you were doing & we could relax. Thanks for a great time! xx ”


Milton Keynes

“Love Mandy’s classes because she is wonderful. She is knowledgeable and focused. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Her classes are refreshing and renewing to the mind and body. Mandy makes yoga accessible for the beginner as well and the more seasoned practitioner. She always asks new students if they have injuries or issues so she knows to teach them modifications if needed. She obviously knows her anatomy, and explains how the poses benefit the parts of the body. She teaches to who is in front of her. Every class is different depending on who is there. See you soon.”


Woburn Sands


It’s been a great year for yoga so far. We have had two really successful, fun and enjoyable retreats this year; a weekend in Norfolk in April and a fantastic week in Marrakech (definitely the most luxurious retreat yet!).

I’ve already sold some rooms for my retreat in India in February/March next year. If you’re thinking of joining me, book soon. It’s only £150 deposit to make your reservation but flights are really inexpensive at the moment so take advantage now.

I’ve decided to go back to West Lexham in Norfolk in May next year. It’s such a lovely space and we are always so well looked after by the caterers but it will be my last one (for some time anyway.) If you fancy trying this retreat, book now for only £150. (If you book by 1 September you can take advantage of the early bird discount.) If you like the idea of a retreat but aren’t sure if it’s for you, going away for a weekend is a great way to start.

All of my classes are all going well and my private classes in Woburn Sands are nearly full. I’m running another Beginners Course in Woburn Sands starting on 21 September for 8 weeks. The last one was really successful back in February. One of the lovely ladies who took part said this:

“Thanks for such great sessions. I wish I’d started years ago! I’ve seen a difference in my stamina and flexibility and look forward to continuing to progress. Helen x”

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve always fancied giving yoga a go, maybe now is the right time for you.